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Instead, you could solve a problem revolving around family or the home, or find yourself in a good position for acquiring something coveted that's comfort-related. There's warm energy available to you for pursuing love or enhancing a connection, and your appeal is terrific. You seem to be on the same, similar, or complementary page as a partner or special someone.

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You care less about others' validation or approval, and more about fulfilling your needs and desires, and this seems to be the key to satisfaction now. Click for Yearly Forecast Specials.

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Horoscope Overview for December for Libra:. December brings warm energy for feeling freer on a personal level yet more connected, dear Libra, and emotionally ready to make lifestyle improvements. Opportunities for putting limiting living conditions or attitudes behind you can emerge. You're often finding yourself quite busy with errands, connections, learning, communications, and more movement than usual this month. However, there are also persuasive prompts to settle in and get comfortable. There can be times in the year ahead when you're doing a balancing act between your urge to splurge and your sense of responsibility.

Saturn has been putting the brakes on you, slowing you down with its square to your sign. There's more of this energy to come, but it's set to phase out in In the meantime, Jupiter moves into the same position as Saturn, helping you find more meaning and even joy in the hard work you've been doing to straighten out your life.

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This all starts on December 2nd, and Jupiter's blessings will continue for just over a year. Jupiter's transit of your solar fourth house of family, roots, and the home can improve your personal and domestic life considerably. There can be improved relationships with loved ones, a new addition to your family, the urge to expand, redecorate, or build your home and domestic world, or the beginning of a new, long-term project or business venture.

It's time for an upgrade to your living conditions or arrangements.

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Areas of improvement and opportunity include money, home, family, shared resources, and real estate. Getting rid of emotional baggage can be in focus. A large weight lifts from your shoulders. Family and intimate relationships can improve by leaps and bounds as you discover new and improved ways of relating and interacting. You're ridding yourself of old patterns that are no longer working in your favor. Moving, renovating, or increasing your feelings of safety and comfort can figure strongly. You'll also be working on establishing and centering yourself on an emotional level. All of this begins this month, although you've been building to this theme for some time.

You're thinking about growth and expansion, and taking small steps towards improving your life from the ground up. You can be in a celebratory or happily domestic mood. There can be some drama on the domestic front with a Solar Eclipse on the 26th, but this ideally leads to a fresh perspective or a new beginning. Changes and improvements may be necessary as you reorganize your personal life, or shuffle around your priorities. Mars moves through your resources sector through December, and you can be quite motivated to improve your lot in life. You have a stronger feel for what may be a good buy, business move, or strategy, and the confidence to go for it.

The natural arts can appeal and soothe significantly now — earthy activities, photography, pottery, and so forth — anything that gives form to your feelings.

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You're making adjustments to your work that align more comfortably with your mission in life. Venus moves in harmony with your sign from the 20th forward, boosting your appeal and comfort with yourself. With so much focus on your inner world in December, this transit helps bring more balance to your life, encouraging you to connect, share, and mingle with fun results. The year brings fantastic renovations to your personal life, home, and domestic or emotional world, dear Libra. This might happen through contact with people from an entirely different background than yours, travel, or higher learning.

Next, the North Node moves into this area for an month stay. There may also be some drama surrounding communication, modes of transportation, mobility, neighbors, or siblings this year and the next. Different channels for communicating and methods of commuting can result, and they may include new publishing avenues, communication equipment, a new set of wheels, or other such facilitators.

You may not be quite so attentive with your health, diet, regimes, and work, which can be the source of guilt or worries at times. It can be all too easy to turn a blind eye to some of these things this year. It may benefit you to pay a little more attention to structures and routines in your life. Keeping a close eye on these matters can help you greatly. Ahmedabad: www. Horace: Odes Book II. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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