Im an cancer woman who am i compatible with

Are you a Cancer woman? ...or have you dated one?

Marrried to one? For one thing Im sure Pisces women and men r very different! Loyalty was never a question and neither was the genuine Love we shared. Partly lost on MY part because it was hard to see him as a reliable partner for the future. Getting him to make a decision was like pulling teeth!!! I have to agree…once we settled in the relationship, money management and reaching goals became a huge issue!!!

As a Cancer woman, we have to feel confident and trust our partner or back in the shell we go!!! He wants to reconcile…. Is it really possible for a Pisces to change???

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Any thoughts??? We from the very first day that we met were drawn to each other and for me I could sense that this woman above any other I have been with could love me in all the ways I needed. Things have never been easy thru the past 7 months except for one huge thing. It has always been easy to love each other. So, some of you may be wondering… what has happened and where is the relationship going?

Well, I am proud to say that thru all of the hard moments and deep conversations, we are just as in love and feel our love grow more and more each day. For those of you wondering how we have kept things so close and loving… Well, the most important thing has been our communication.

Even when things were the hardest, we always communicated what we were feeling. I have always wanted to understand her and she has tried to do the same. And to you Nancy, Thank You for giving us a look at what we had to look forward to. Because it was at lunch one day where we looked at our compatibility print out from this site and began to laugh and get excited about our future together.

Im a Cancer woman and when I was 13 I was in a relationship with a Pisces man. We were kids soooo in love. But our relationship ended when I moved away to Florida with my parents. He was so heartbroken, he wanted us to run away together, but I couldnt. He started dating other females, playing the hell out of them, only wanting sex.

So years passed by…. Our love has never died. Im a cancer female, and i love this picses man to bits. He gets really happy to c me. I havnt told him anything, nd neither has he. I love him so much, and it seems like theres a bond between us and i cant move on. How can i get to know that he loves me.

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I dont want to say anything to him. Hes a friend of a friend. They are almost, just as sensitive as we are!! My Picses man had more mood swings than I did. I belive he feed off my emotions at times…if I was angry…he was angry…happy…he was happy…. My husband of 2 years is a Pisces.

From day one, we had a strong connection. We love and trust each other imensely and have a great time just being together. At first, I thought he might be too passive for me, but something kept pulling me in. With time, I came to see that he is NOT passive; he just considers the feelings of others. He speaks up when he has to and boy does he!

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So perceptive and GOOD. Handsome too! I love my Cancer girlfriend. Her Moon sign is Scorpion. At the very beginning this man mesmorized me…I felt instantly attracted to him like no other before. However, I did get the notion that he would be hard to hold on to. Well, after a great year together, in which he so fervently displayed his affection, communication, etc. So, it ended. But, like someone posted earlier…I long for his return.

I would have done anything for him. When I hugged him goodbye I just felt we both were making a major mistake, but only he can be the one to make the decision to come back and stay. I know for sure, after testing the waters with the incompatible signs of Gemini, Aquarius and Aries that the compatibility charts are right on. Horrible results with those men! Anyway, peace to all and may everyone find the love they so deserve!! It was a physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive relationship. I definitely played the enabler. Very codependent relationship. It was weird- We were like the best of friends joined at the hip, but the worst of enemies who would say the foulest things to each other.

Luckily, I got out of that relationship and its vicious cycle, but even 6 years later I regret spending so much time on someone so emotional and unable to cope with the realities of life. A friend. Passion and romance can end in flames. Taurus is good. Capricorn is a good match once he has reached his career goals. Leo could be perfect. Gemini: good friends, bad relationship. Oh and from my experiences, Pisces men have trouble being faithful. They are easily influenced.

I dated a few Pisces after that first relationship, and it was always the same: very fast, instant love connection. Want to spend every moment together. And then the fighting begins. Im a cancer woman scorpio decane leo rising excellent match with pisces and can be better with scorpio. Im a cancer woman scorpio decante leo rising excellent match with pisces and better with scorpio….

Pisces Man here, and I have read all of the posts to date regarding the Pisces male with a Cancer female. And I am interested in knowing your opinions on how to have a successful relationship with a Cancer woman. I am interested in one currently and would like to know how to proceed. I have never dated a Cancer and it seems a shame after reading some the posts about the wonderful connection between these two signs.

The various signs that I have dated have left a lot to be desired. Either there is a strong sexual connection or a strong friendship type of connection. I have never had both. I feel that this is something that I really need and was hoping to find it by dating a fellow water sign. As you may know there is trouble with the Scorpio — Pisces relationship so that leaves Cancer. Please help me NOT make these same mistakes…. A cancer woman can always tell on a subconscious level as to whether or not someone is playing games or being genuine.

Listen to her and dont judge her. Be kind and smile a lot as she is quickly receptive to those around her. Your smile will make her smile. Be reliable… say what you mean and mean what you say. Be careful though, sometimes cancer women can be EXTREMELY moody and during these times its best to be supportive and let her be rather than poke at her… although very loving, she is very feisty and tough when need be… she has no problems sticking up for herself and defending those she loves. Sexually, she will satisfy you in ways you never thought imaginable….

Hope this helps. If any more questions, do ask. So I am a cancer woman and I have been dating a pisces man on and off for a little over two years!